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Registrations open for 2020/21 season

We are now taking online registrations for the fast approaching surf season. Registrations are open for all membership categories. Due to the current COVID restrictions imposed on sports there will be a cap on Nippers Registrations, so we urge you to register ASAP to secure a spot as once places have filled up we will put a hold on new registrations.

  • Little Rippers (3-5 year old)

  • Nippers (6-14 year old)

  • Cadet (15-17 year old)

  • Seniors/ Masters (18+)

Visit the Join page for more information on how to register at The Lakes SLSC!

Free registrations for Lifesaving members this season

We understand that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all of us and we wanted to try and make things a little easier for our volunteer lifesaving members, so The Lakes SLSC will be covering the registration & insurance fee for all Volunteer Lifesaving Members this season!

Those members that completed 80% or more of your rostered patrols last season will not have to pay any registration fee up front. All new lifesaving members, or those that did not complete 80% of your patrols last season will be required to pay the $80 registration fee up front and we will refund the amount in full once you have completed your first 25 patrolling hours.

We felt that this was the best way to offer free registrations for Lifesavers so we don't see an influx of people registering as a Lifesaver and not fulfilling their patrol obligations, just to score a free membership.

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To ensure that you keep up to date with what is happening at The Lakes SLSC please download our free smartphone app. Simply search for The Lakes SLSC in the Apple App Store or Google Play to download our app.

Download links:

In accordance with our COVIDSafe plan, we will not be holding pre nippers briefings and there will be no more paper newsletters being handed out this season. All of our important updates and communications will be posted on the clubs app.

For the best experience we recommend creating an account and selecting the communication groups you are interested in once you have downloaded the app.

For troubleshooting or if you need any assistance, please contact us at admin@thelakesslsc.com.au

What's on @ The Lakes SLSC

Important update on COVID-19 changes to clubhouse for members

Hi all,

We have been busy preparing the club for reopening following the closure due to the COVID-19 restrictions that came into effect earlier this year. Next time you visit the club you will notice that we have made some changes to ensure that we keep all of our members and visitors safe. This document outlines the changes and new requirements that have been implemented, it is important that you read and understand the new requirements as they have been put in place to ensure that we can start to reopen while keeping members and visitors safe.

The directors have endorsed the attached COVID-19 Safety Plan and this is what we will be following as we all move towards the new ways of operating. We have also appointed Sharon Falzon as the clubs COVID safety officer who will be responsible for maintaining the clubs safety plan and ensuring that we are compliant with the requirements that are detailed in the plan.

What is happening at the club:

  • The club gym is now open and group fitness classes have resumed with strict participant limits and cleaning requirements in place. Group fitness classes are still free to all Lifesaving members.

  • Functions in the auditorium are now able to recommence. We are working with Peter & Gillian who manage the auditorium for us to ensure that all functions and events held are compliant with all relevant guidelines and requirements followed.

  • Community group meetings are recommencing in the club room, inline with the new entry and social distancing requirements for the building.

  • Club sanctioned Surf Sports training can recommence in accordance with the relevant social distancing requirements.

  • Club facilitated education (lifesaving) training can commence and is exempt from participant limits. Social distancing should be maintained where possible.

  • Hand Sanitiser has been placed in the main entry foyer to the club for members to use on entry. We have ordered a dispenser and additional pump bottles and these will be placed around the club once they arrive.

  • All members must complete a sign in register on entry to the clubhouse. Further details on this requirement is contained in this notice below.

  • Signage has been put up at all hand washing stations.

  • Restrictions on the number of people allowed in each room is now in effect. Further details on this requirement is contained in this notice below.

  • Cleaning has been increased in all areas of the club. There is now a cleaning register in the toilets to ensure that we are adhering to the additional cleaning requirements.

Sign in register:

It is now a condition of entry that anybody that enters the clubhouse must record their attendance. This can be done one of two ways that are outlined below. This requirement must be followed by all members. If a member has been found to have entered the clubhouse without signing in, your access privileges will be revoked. The sign in register will be cross checked with the alarm logs to ensure compliance.

We also ask that members do not enter the clubhouse through the main roller doors if they are open and that you instead enter via the foyer so you can sign in and sanitise your hands on entry. Once you have signed into the club you can enter and exit via the roller doors.

  1. Sign in by scanning the QR code as you enter the clubhouse (Preferred option). Look out for the posters that have been placed at the entrance to each area of the clubhouse. You only need to sign in once per day, regardless of the number of times you enter and exit the clubhouse. Attendance records are stored on a secure server and are automatically deleted after 28 days. The attached flyer has more information on how you can download a free app to speed up your sign in process.

  2. Sign into the paper attendance register in the main foyer of the clubhouse. Simply enter your details as you enter the foyer to the clubhouse the first time you enter each day. We will retain the sign in register for 28 days then they will be shredded and discarded.

Room capacity limits:

We have placed signage at the entrance to each room/ section of the club to ensure that we comply with the 1 person per 4 square meters rule. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we adhere to the room limits. If you need to enter a room and it is at capacity you must remain outside until the number of people in the room has fallen below the limit.

Toilets are exempt from the room limits, however showers and change rooms do have restrictions. You will notice that we have had to close off some showers in the ladies change room to ensure that we are compliant with the restrictions.

Emergency service areas of the club, such as the First Aid room, Patrol room and tower are exempt from the room limits, however we ask that members maintain good hygiene and try to social distance while conducting life saving operations in these areas of the club. We have plenty of hand sanitiser available for members to use all around the clubhouse.

Additional information:

We are anticipating that the season will commence as planned, with Patrols starting late September and Nippers commencing in October.

We are planning to commence membership renewals for the upcoming season online from the 1st July. Keep an eye out for details on how to renew your membership online soon. We would like to try and reduce the number of people that attend the physical registrations days so are urging all current members to renew online from the 1st June.

We have also formed a social events committee and will start planning events and activities to re-engage members in the lead up to and during the new surf season soon. We will start to share details on what we have planned when we get a little closer to the start of the season. We will also be conducting a large recruitment campaign in our local area and Surf Lifesaving NSW have committed record funding for a statewide recruitment campaign closer to the start of the new season.

We will share more information as things change and as we get closer to the new season. We are all looking forward to getting back on the beach and hope to see you all very soon!